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Professional Aircon Installation

At AC Installs LTD we provide professional and domestic support to organisations through our air conditioning units to ensure the highest level of comfort, hygiene and productivity.

Let’s settle one thing right now; yes, it is winter, but the use of air conditioning units is very much a requirement for all year round.

Not convinced? Let us tell you more…

Air conditioning units are not just about cooling rooms or buildings down but more for controlling the climate through warming or cooling the air. In a professional setting installing quality air conditioning units is a necessity.

Our clients in the London and surrounding areas range from residential boxes to commercial robust usage.

In a commercial setting our discrete aircon installations provide an incredibly important service; we work with organisations ranging from hospitals and medical centres to restaurants, schools, gyms, leisure centres, offices both large and small and residential properties.

So, why is aircon in these facilities so important?

Health benefits

Controlling the climate in large spaces where visitors, customers, patients or staff are constantly in and out of the building can be detrimental to one’s health. It lowers your exposure to infestations such as dust mites and bed bugs while also reducing the spread of mould and mildew.

The filtering of the air gives the overall space a cleaner and more sterile environment. This really can make a huge difference, particularly in medical and food preparation spaces.


A more comfortable atmosphere means a happier environment this all equates to a boost in energy and productivity. Perfect for big office spaces where, morale can be low, and rooms can feel stuffy.


With a lot of electronics and equipment being used simultaneously and sometimes for hours on end, having a cool controlled airflow can help these items overheating and catching on fire. This can be incredibly scary for your visitors and can be a risk is power cuts occur or data is lost.

Commercial properties such as hospitals, restaurants, gyms, shops and offices really require a sustainable, comfortable environment all year round. If you are looking to upgrade, replace or purchase a new system, call us today on  0208 5494107 office or  07895584219 direct . Our skilled and qualified team can talk you through the best choices for you and your professional establishment.



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