How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost to Run in the UK

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With last month being the hottest June on record, searches for air conditioning installation are skyrocketing. The cost of air conditioning installation is one thing, but how much does it actually cost to run the unit? 

With energy prices increasing, our air conditioning team in Kingston tries to answer this big question…

The Cost of Running Air Conditioners

When calculating the cost of running air conditioners, there are three things to consider:

– Buying and installation cost

– Operating costs

– Cost of maintenance

In this article, we are going to focus on the second point, how much does it actually cost to keep cool?

(These calculations are based on a split or ducted AC unit. They are also based on the Energy Price Guarantee rate of £0.34/kWh for the April – June 2023 period).

A split AC unit can use roughly 480 watts an hour to cool a room effectively. 

 – 480 watts/1000 watts = 0.48 kWh

 – 0.48 x 0.34 = 16p

So, it will cost 0.16p an hour to leave your split AC unit running. If you leave the unit running for 24 hours that will equate to roughly £4.

A central ducted AC unit will use about 5000 watts an hour.

  – 5000 watts/1000 watts = 5 kWh

  – 5 x 0.34 = £1.70

So, it would cost £1.70 to run a ducted AC unit for an hour. If you leave the unit running for 24 hours that will equate to roughly £40.80.

Comparing to Other Household Units

To put things in perspective, comparing to other household appliances you are already probably running can help.

Appliance Cost per hour
Electric shower £2.72
Tumble dryer 91p
Oven 60p
Washing machine 60p
Hoover 27p
1 energy-saving light bulb 14p
LED TV (52”) 4p

Air Conditioning is More Affordable Than You Think

Our Kingston team is often met with shock when they explain how affordable air conditioners actually are to run. They are not so different from your standard household appliances!

If you are looking to enquire about air con installation in Kingston, just get in touch with our team.

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