How to Install Central Air Conditioning Yourself

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There is no doubt about it, the benefit of having central air conditioning installed in your home or workspace is broad and vast.

From better quality air and the ability to protect your home from pests and bugs to the prevention of appliances overheating and improved productivity there are so many reasons why your home can feel healthier, cleaner and overall more comfortable with an air conditioning unit.

Air Conditioning

So, with all these responsibilities and functions, proper installation must be made a priority for your property.

With a large range of AC units available, many can often assume installing a ‘straightforward’ unit will be simple; in reality improper installation can lead to many further complications, particularly as potential problems are not always detected immediately. In fact, it can function fairly effectively at first until unexpected surprised begin to surface.

Incorrect installation can cause unprecedented havoc to utility bills, using more energy than expected or indeed, required. It can also result in malfunctions which can cause sever damages to you home, to the unit itself and could equate to electrical faults, adding further cost, damage and distress to the situation.

If you decide to fix and fit your air conditioning unit yourself, you will need to be fully aware of the parameters and regulations involved.

From choosing an unobstructed location and interior wall for the unit to be mounted on, a full understanding of how to feed the pipes between a split unit while ensuring the outside unit is not directly affected by varying weather conditions including direct sunlight. Electrical connections will need to be checked, connected and wired safely. Other requirements including correct circulation of air and humidity, ensuring the unit(s) is clamped in place properly, the cables and pipes are feeding and flowing through accurately and any gaps are filled in to avoid loss of energy, air and/or pressure.

Install Central Air Conditioning Yourself

In truth, the only way you can be assured of proper installation is by hiring a professional to fix and fit it. By not having the knowledge, know-how or the proper tools you could risk inaccurate cooling and heating levels, incorrect pressure and flow as well as unsafe mounting and voltage issues. It is not uncommon for engineers to be called to fix issues relating to units that have been fitted by DIY-ers, causing a costly call out and resolution to the problem.

If you have made the decision to invest in an air conditioning unit, choose a professional to install it and you’ll feel the difference immediately.


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