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With summer just around the corner, it is natural for your mind to wonder how you are going to stay cool and relaxed in your home or office space when the heat rises.

Getting a professionally installed air conditioner could be a real game-changer in your property. Remember the last few summers when the temperature soared, it wasn’t easy for us all to stay cool with portable air conditioning units being sold out at record rates.

At AC Installs LTD we say, be prepared and get a system with longevity that lasts. A Split System is a great choice and is an incredibly popular choice amongst our customers.

So, why is this system a good choice for you, your family and your home?

The split system is quite literally split between the inner and outer of your property. One sits inside the building producing clean, cooling air that refreshes the home the other part of the unit sits on a wall discretely outside your building dispersing air. This slick and discrete system uses the two components in conjunction with one another connected by piping and cabling to allow cooling air to flow to and fro.

Nstall a Split System Air Conditioner

The units are not intrusive on your décor and in fact blend in with your home making it seem like it is not even there.

Additionally, as this kind of system is completely ductless our customers very quickly noticed a decrease in their energy and utility bills while also becoming more energy efficient.

And finally, it is worth noting that this kind of AC unit is much more conducive to better home security. With window installations there is ways for intruders to enter the home but with a split system no additional openings or work has to be done to the home which can make it more vulnerable.




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