Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning

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Prepare Your Business for Reopening

Following the government announcement that shops, offices, gyms and similar spaces will soon be allowed to open again, you may have already started planning your pre-opening cleaning. Along with the usual dusting, hoovering and tidying, you should remember to give your commercial air conditioning unit some attention. Coincidentally, Spring is the best time to do this, as it means you get a chance to inspect your air conditioning unit and nip any problems in the bud, before they have a chance to cause trouble in the hot summer months.

Why Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning is Important

Having a faulty or broken commercial air conditioning unit can cause havoc for staff and customers, so you want to make sure it is in top working order. Not only do you want to make sure visitors to your store, gym or office are comfortable and cool, but you want to make sure they are safe.

Dust, dirt, viruses, mould and bacteria can accumulate in various parts of an air conditioning unit. So, to keep everyone safe you need to complete thorough cleaning. This should be an important step in your preparation to opening after lockdown.

What is Involved in Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning?

Changing the air filter: This has a considerable impact on the health of your air conditioning unit. A dirty or clogged air filter results in a less efficient air conditioning unit. Your unit will compensate for the reduction in air flow by increasing energy usage, in order to pull more air into the system, which can mean your electricity bills also go up.
Cleaning the evaporator coil: The evaporator should be cleaned as part of your commercial air conditioning cleaning programme. If there is too much dirt on the evaporator coil it will stop transferring heat, which can lead to overheating issues and potential blowouts, which can be extremely costly to repair.
Checking the AC ducts: Tears or rips in your air conditioning ducts also need to be attended to. You want every bit of air conditioned air to go to your shop or office, but a tear in the duct will mean this air is being directed elsewhere, which will also mean you are wasting money on an inefficient commercial air conditioning unit.

There is a fair amount of work involved in commercial air conditioning cleaning, and it needs to be done correctly in order to have the maximum benefit, for that reason we would recommend contacting a professional company to complete this for you.

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