Surgery Air Conditioning

Based in London we specialise in Dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropodists or chiropractors surgeries. We have the equipment and skills to transform your surgery.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning For Surgeries

You spend the majority of your life in your surgery – dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropodists or chiropractors.

Why not make your life more comfortable and enhance your patients comfort by having the latest energy efficient Surgery air conditioning installed?

Bespoke Air Conditioning Systems

More recently it has become very popular, as surgeries become more high-tech, to have the new Mitsubishi Electric Zen High Wall Mounted systems installed with filter supplier. These systems take the old boxy wall units to another level and are designed to make a statement.

We know that you’re sat in one position all day. All our wall mounted units have adjustable airflow louvers so the air can be directed away from you (over your head and to the side).

Alternatively if your surgery is quite large or has an extended treatment area we can provide an in-ceiling cassette system which will provide more coverage than a wall mounted system.