Small Office Air Conditioning

We understand that you and your staff spend a good portion of your life in the office. Often in London it can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Radiators take hours to warm up and when they eventually do it’s too hot to bear!

Bespoke Air Conditioning Systems For Small Offices

Air conditioning Our systems are available to suit almost every office space ever built… If we don’t have something off the shelf for you we can custom build a system to suit.

Why Choose Our Small Office Air Conditioning Systems?

Small Offices/Home Offices

Our small high wall mounted units are perfectly suited to the smaller office or home office and they offer fantastic value for money and quick installation/turnaround times.

For the smaller office that has no free wall space we offer the very popular compact in-ceiling cassette. This takes up only one ceiling tiles worth of space in your ceiling for a very stylish and discreet look.