Restaurant Air Conditioning

We have created perfect environments for many of the south Easts and London premier restaurants. Keep the environment perfect and keep your customers coming back for more!

Reasons To Choose Our Air Conditioning Systems For Restaurants

Air conditioning Creats a comfortable environment for your customers is imperative if you want them to enjoy their eating experience and come back for more.

Contrary to common belief – it’s not enough to just heat or cool the area. Fresh air is an important part of the equation.

Ventilation systems that provide fresh air and remove stale air are often overlooked – either because the budget doesn’t allow it or it’s simply not understood.

We can provide integrated heating, cooling, fresh air filter supplier and extract all working together to create the perfect environment.

Our Prices For Restaurant Air Conditioning Systems

The best ‘bang for your buck’ comes in the form an in-ceiling four way blow cassette unit. The largest unit can cope with around 60 people in a restaurant environment. As with everything that delivers the most capacity for the cheapest price – the downside is that it can be draughty for people that are in the air stream.

Concealed ducted systems can be used where minimum draughts are preferable and the budget is larger. These can be combined with a fresh air system to create a perfect environment for your customers.

We can also offer cooling and extraction systems for your kitchen/preparation areas.

As with all these types of projects – prices are provided upon application/survey due to large number of differing factors on each site.