Medium Size Office Air Conditioning

We understand that you and your staff spend a good portion of your life in the office. Often in London it can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Radiators take hours to warm up and when they eventually do it’s too hot to bear!

Bespoke Air Conditioning Systems For Medium Size Offices

We have the solution to your temperature problems!

Air conditioning , Our systems are available to suit almost every office space ever built… If we don’t have something off the shelf in our accompany filter supplier we can custom build a system to suit.

Reason To Choose Our Small Office Air Conditioning Systems

Medium Sized Offices

The majority of offices, that have a lay-in ceiling grid, are able to have in-ceiling cassette units installed. For larger offices these are the “best bang for your buck” as they can provide up to 14kW of cooling capacity and up to 16.5kW of heating capacity per unit (normally enough for a regular office with an area of around 100m2. That’s around 10m x 10m or around 16 tiles x 16 tiles).