Large Office Air Conditioning

Being a accompany in London We understand that you’ve got dozens, maybe hundreds, of people to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Cost-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems For Large Offices

We can provide the latest energy efficient air conditioning systems which are centrally controlled from your PC or Mac, from a nice graphical interface, which will enable precise temperature control all year round.

We have the solution to your temperature problems!

Our heat-recovery systems are able to provide low cost free cooling or heating by moving heat around your building.

Why Choose Our Large Office Air Conditioning Systems?

For example: one side of your call centre gets the sun in the morning whilst the other side is in shade. Our systems can recover the heat from one side of the office and move it to the other side of the office using heat-recovery products. Thus – always keeping your electricity bill down as much as possible.

Correctly designed heat-recovery systems qualify under the governments Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA).